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Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory

In The Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory of  Prof. Dr. Hajipour  which is located at Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, most research has been and is done in different fields such as: homogeneous, heterogeneous and metal oxides catalysts, ionic liquids, and some types of magnetic nanocatalysts. Also it must be regarded that great deal of research has been done in the field of biochemistry,  Synthesis of recombinant drugs, Making newest feed materials and animal feed industry, applied polymers, Extraction of valuable materials from Medicinal plants as well as from Bacteria, algae and other creatures with the collaboration of researchers in Department of Food, Agriculture, Textile and Animal Sciences and Ministry of Health.

Considered prof. Hajipour,  Students of Drug Lab do their researches With the latest methods of the world and they use facilities and do related analyses with available equipment in the laboratory like: GC , HPLC, Microwave devices, etc and also other available equipment like: NMR, ICP, CHN, IR, Atomic Spectrometry, Ultraviolet Spectrometer etc.

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